Monday, 21 February 2011

107 Whales Dead Stewart Island

We post most of our news about the animals on this blog, as such we are posting this here.

107 Whales washed up in the South of STEWART Island, New Zealand. The whales were discovered on SUNDAY,  near a place called 'CAVALIER CREEK'. As we know, New Zealand, part of the commonwealth.

Most of Stewart Island is a nature reserve and the South is the direction of the prophet. The whale is symbolic of the prophet Jonah = DOVE of Peace. Professor Horace Dobbs, once said that swimming with whales is like swimming with God.

Stewart is a French and Anglo-Saxon name. In the UK it is usually associated with Scotland and the old Scottish Royal Family. In Scotland, the Campbells and the Stuarts fought against each other until the bitter end. The name Cavalier was a name used by parliamentarians for a Royalist supporter of King Charles I and II during the English Civil War. Of course, in modern times there was also a car called the Cavalier manufactured by FORD.

So why did 107 whales arrive here? What message do they convey to humanity?

107 is a 28th prime number, it is an atomic number, emergency number in Argentina, Cape Town and the police in Hungary. Its also found associated with CARS, being the 107% rule, a FORMULAR ONE Sporting Regulation. The FRENCH CAR company PEUGEOT also launched a Peugeot 107.

The French have also been involved in contracts with Libya, with a nuclear involvement mentioned in the media in 2008/9. In the above information we also have FRANCE, CAR = OIL.

107 is the Jewish gematria value of Greek and 2Afrika.

Hebrew gematria also brings us the following words that relate to the above:



Prophet Jonah is featured in the Michelangelo Fresco of the "Last Judgement" and the word MICHAEL also as the gematria value of 107.

There is a lot more to the message in the Hebrew Gematria. However, I feel sure that you will get the gist of what is going on in Libya. Especially, as Gaddaffi did a rather fast exit to his chums in South America.

People have to come to understand that mining for oil is destroying the habitat of the oceans and seas. The whales are giving their message again. Last but not least, there were an additional 48 that had to be put to sleep. 48 hours = 2 days. 48 months = 4 years and this is a 4 year. Four years takes us to 2015, the date they were found is the 20th and 20 is the number of judgement.

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