Saturday, 19 December 2009

Science and Religion Dictating World Views

There has been a lot of discussion on the internet regarding the scientific aspects of the climate change debate. However, there is a much bigger picture to how science and religion is suppressing the truth all over the world. A few years ago this email was received from Professor Robert Pope.

Thanks for your email. I agree with your 'Self development and self realisation should be a part of every educational process. My view is that the new science and the new biology will bring about this paradigm shift and when embraced by health and education there will be a domino effect'.

However, a problem arises if we are compelled to act within a false and unethical worldview logic. This was explained this week in an article on Higher Education in the Australian newspaper. The article titled Muzzling of science by Professor Julian Cribb, at the University of Technology, Sydney,and Editor of R & D Review, published in The Australian Wed. 8, 2006, page 26 Higher Education, upholds the importance of Bolzano's Theory of Science,which, in redefining aesthetics, completely challenged the prevailing worldview. Not only was Bolzano's work selected, as perhaps the most important logic paper from the world literature, reviews associated it with the modern extention of quantum mechanics that also upgrading our fixed worldview ethics.

Professor Julian Cribb writes that unpopular research refers to any field of "science liable to produce evidence unsettling to the fixed worldview held by governments, business, special interest lobbies or that most anonymous and unaccountable of research contollers, the stakeholders". He also appears to suport the democracy concept that is the thrust of the paper, Re-defining Aesthetics to develop Human Survival technology. He wrote, " This process of keeping science from the public and the network of threats - overt and implied - that protects it is undermining democracy. A democracy without access to balance and truthfull information on which to base its decisions is little better than a crude Third World dictatorship in which the people are compelled to accept the dictator's interpretation of the world, however false and fanciful."

If Bolzano's Theory of Science is indeed logical, then it can be considered that World Peace cannot be rationally discussed by people compelled, as prevails today, to accept a dictatorial fixed worldview. Organizations that do not realize this would appear unable to logically contribute to World Peace at all. This concept is why the United Nations University organization, referred to in the ethics paper, would appreciate a positive review of that paper.

Regards, Professor Robert Pope.

According to laboratory scientist Dean Radin, research suggests that our moral sense is deeply tied to our worldview. If you saw yourself as nothing but matter, how would that affect the way you live right now?

Professor William Tiller also discovered that the outcome of scientific experiments are impacted upon by the intention of the researcher. Now that opens up a whole can of worms especially when the researchers are intent on an outcome for the solution.

The same is going on in science/academia/orthodox all over the world. Michael Roll's set up the "Campaign for Philosophical Freedom" and he claims that the evidence of life after death as been suppressed for over a 100 years. [1]Traditionally, if a person sent scientific information about life after death into a TV station; instead of it going to the science department it was redirected to the religion department. I was informed by another scientist that the Pope (Vatican) told Stephen Hawking "I don't mind what you discover as long as you leave 'life after death' alone, that is my domain".


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