Wednesday, 16 December 2009

From Terminator to Transformer

While Copenhagen is in chaos and combusting on the inside there are 30,000 people gathering on the outside. The report today from the Daily Telegraph is that 350 protesters have been arrested. 15,000 delegates from the media, NGO's, civil society organizations and charities have been refused entry to the Copenhagen talks.

So far the comments from Arnold Schwarzenegger, the film maker, strong man and Governor of California stood out from the crowd. Its no coincidence that we are getting closer and closer to the FILM MAKER eclipse on the 31st December 2009.

"Arnold Schwarzenegger calls for ‘planetary transformation’

The Governor of California said an international agreement at Copenhagen will usher in a new era of renewable energy and economic growth through manufacturing green technology. Even if a deal cannot be done between nation states, he said cities and regions such as California are moving forward in transforming their industries and individual lifestyles." [1]

Thinking globally and acting locally.

He also said "History tells us that movements begin with people, not governments, and when they become powerful enough, governments respond."

Indeed they do. The power is with the people when they are united for a common purpose.


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