Saturday, 12 December 2009

Princess of Peace

On the Eliakim blog we have posted our response to the speech that Obama gave when he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on the 11th December. That was the day that the Nobel prizes fell into disrepute. However, on this Christ Vision of Peace blog we would like to mention the light that did shine out that day.

Mette-Marit, HRH the Princess of Norway shone like a bright light as she sat there holding hands with her Prince. A symbol of true love looking at the man of war in the eye the whole time. Wearing winter white with blonde hair adorned like the late Princess Grace of Monaco. The young one emanated the Christ energy right there in that room for all the world to see the difference between the light and the dark. The Princess was like a lamp stand that lit up the whole room, the light of love simply poured out of her.

It was no coincidence that the prize was given on the 11th of December, the Jewish holiday of the Festival of Lights when the Jewish people celebrate victory over their oppressors. If ever Obama was sending a message to Israel this was the day that he did it. While praising Islam he admonished the Crusaders that defended Jerusalem against its Islamic oppressors.

The Prince and Princess of Norway are humanitarians and their efforts are too be commended. In 2001 they created a Humanitarian Fund in their name and they requested that their wedding gifts be donated to the fund to help others. The fund mainly focuses on projects aimed at improving conditions for children and young people, education and health both home and abroad. [1]

This is to honour the Prince and Princess of Peace and the love that they share for humanity. A Love Union indeed.

May peace always be with you.,_Crown_Princess_of_Norway

Universal Peace Ambassador


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