Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sponsor A Child

"Children in the Philippines often leave school to work in backbreaking jobs for pennies a day... because they have no other choice. The horrific effects of poverty are far reaching, causing permanent physical and psychological damage, often robbing children of a healthy, stable future. Trapped, desperate, and at risk... it is a way of life for so many of them. Please help us break the vicious cycle of poverty for one more child today. We have selected a special child just for you...

Her family's monthly income is $133 . At 3 years of age, she is among the millions of young children at risk of becoming just another tragic statistic in this part of the world. But for only $22 per month, you can provide educational, health, and nutritional assistance, plus so much more. Please help prevent Precius from becoming another heartbreaking statistic.

Children International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of the children living in dire poverty. Through the generosity of contributors, we provide needy children with a variety of programs and services to meet their basic needs, enhance their self-esteem, keep them off the streets, and raise their physical and educational levels in a meaningful, lasting way.

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