Monday, 7 September 2009

The Day of Success we pray....

Light a candle for the children of the world.

Let our love and light be successful

Let our pure intention be seen.

Let our compassion and mercy manifest.

Let the glory of the LORD be known.

Let the majesty of our heavenly Father reign supreme.

Let the Father raise up the children.

Let the Son aid them on their way home to God.

Let healing be the keynote at this time.

Let freedom be the birth right regained.

Let redemption be for everyone.

Let humility be recognised.

Let the humble be rewarded.

Let the joy of children be exalted.

Let the children attain equality.

Let the young ones know that they are loved beyond measure

Let the old ones know that they are never alone.

Let the sick ones be healed.

Let the poor ones understand what must be done.

Let the religious see the light of truth.

Let the non-religious understand.

Let the spiritual come forth.

Let the non-spiritual understand.

Let the order of all goodness manifest.

Let the covenant for the children be accepted.

In your name Abba

Let us serve.....

Let the darkness come to an end.

Let the light shine forth in your name.

Let the children be cradled in your arms.

Let the children be protected by your chest, hold them close Father.

Let the children see the light of truth.

Let the children say no to those that wish to indoctrinate them.

In your name Abba, our heavenly Father.

In the name of your son Jesus Christ

Let this day be a success for the righteous.

Let this day be a success for the pure of heart.

Let this day be a success for the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let this day be yours my LORD...

May the will of God be done...

May the Son of God forgive everyone.

Father forgive them for they know not what they do...

Open their eyes so that they may see.

Open their ears so that they may hear

Open their hearts so they may understand and let the truth enter in.


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