Monday, 7 September 2009

Lady Liberty Turns Her Hand

Lady Liberty turns her hand on the 29th October 2009. The 29th of October is also the 'Day of New Ideas". Saturn enters Libra this day and will go back into the 'Black Madonna" Saturn in Virgo transit from the 7th April 2010 - 21st July 2010. It will then return to Libra until October 2012. [1]


It comes in the week of intensity and Scorpio 1. Libran's raison e'tre is to join together, and the idea of a broken union goes against their deepest nature. This will be a crucial time for America, Liberty, Justice and the freedom movement. Is your pledge to Obama or is to the LORD God Almighty?

America you have been given the Christ Vision and now it is up to the people to choose while Lady Liberty is on your side. One can combine justice working in relationship with each other when your heart of God compels you. Harmony can be created if you choose it; this is your opportunity to demonstrate your relationship with God.

This is the time that Jesus spoke of when he said 'This time will be shortened for the sake of the elect"

Lady Liberty is about balance in your relationships with each other, the planet and with God. Lady Liberty loves relationships and the Love Union of the sacred union with the divine.

The time is now.....

This is the final countdown.


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