Sunday, 3 June 2012


Following on from the previous 'BAKER' post, there was the Rev 15, Michael Ben Hur post and video. [1] Now there is a tornado in the Hampton, USA that has caused $4.3 million dollars of damage. The tornado touched down just before sunset on the 1st of June, 2012. The first of June is the 'Day of Being Seen'.

In numerology, the correspondence is the same as 34, and numerologists claim that it symbolizes 'revolution', 'strife', 'conflict', 'war', 'upheaval', 'Repeated failure and disappointment'. 43 is a prime number and it also relates to Rev 14 and the building of new jerusalem.

In Hebrew gematria 43 is the value of the Lion, and Michael M. Mauldin was Leo the Lion mentioned in the book of Daniel as Michael, Rev 15, and Proverbs 30.

43 is also the value of 'SHAKE', and the USA is being shaken out of its complacency. It is the value of the word 'GAME', and the LORD our God, has had enough of the game of Americans. The LORD our God and his flame of Joseph do not play games with the hearts of the people. He is never reckless with his love and those that love him. No coincidence then that 43 is also the value of the 'FLAME', and in the biblical prophecies, Joseph is the flame.

43 is the value of 'Perish and 'Vanity'. The USA will 'perish' due to its 'vanity'.

In Greek gematria, 43 is the value of 'LIPS', and 'South'. The South is the direction of God's Royal Queen, his Queen of the Prophets, called the Queen of the South in the biblical prophecies, she is the flame of Joseph. In Judaism, the lips are also related to the prophet that they call 'Fruit of the Lips'.

How many people have to die before people will be willing to do the will of God?


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