Sunday, 3 June 2012


In May 2012, we had the EATON Crop Circle and it was related to the water and moon. As we know the moon is preparing for the lunar eclipse and the planet is already in its energies.
Now we have a shooting at EATON shopping centre in Toronto and there is McDonalds in the food court. The other day I wrote about how 'the Campbell's always did stand against the McDonalds.'

Eight people were injured and one young 25 year old has died. Number 25 is the number of 'Analysis' and eight is the number of spiritual transformation. It happened at 6.30pm. 63 is the value of 'Shalom' in Hebrew gematria. The root of the word 'Shalom' means 'Be whole'. Its about wholeness and becoming whole and holy.

630, is the value of 'Cretan', and 'Executioner'. Michael M. Mauldin used to write the word 'cretan' to those that stood against him and I. 

I have also written about 'man's law', and the 'executioners' today, in respect of the man that is on death row. You will notice that in the original write up on the "Water Eaton Copse' crop circle I wrote about the politicians and their weapons.

May the young man rest in peace, and the others make a rapid recovery.


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