Sunday, 5 December 2010

Conspiracy Forums contravene human rights

In 2007, God led me to a conspiracy forum owned by an American company and since that time I have viewed a few more. I have observed people on Conspiracy forums and how they operate, they are a law unto themselves, especially the Americans. This is certainly the time that was predicted in the bible, a time of lawlessness and is that any surprise when government leaders are also lawless? 

I have watched gangs of people purposely derail threads over and over again to stop discussions having a life of their own. If any thread is started by anyone that challenges the prevailing world view of the forum owners or its lead members,  the threads are destroyed with continued banter. 

In my view this constitutes conspiracy within the whole conspiracy genre of community forums. Does it remind you of how Islam does its best to silence anyone that opposes it? Does it remind you of those that wished to silence Christ? A man that stood for freedom? As some people have said to me in the past, you must be saying something very important if people wish to silence you. 

If I am not interested in another's subject matter I don't even visit the thread. However, in my experience these last three years, people involved in conspiracy forums, blogs and websites clearly have an issue with freedom of speech. Most of the people on those forums say they support TRUTH and freedom of speech, when in reality it is the opposite.  The anti-bully cyber campaign appears to have missed the conspiracy forums to date and no surprise that the conspiracy forums did not support or promote the anti-bully campaign. 

I fully support the power being with the people, but it is imperative that people power is used wisely for the good of all, not just one faction of society. In my experience people on conspiracy forums don't like to heal themselves of their own transgressions, they don't like to take responsibility for their own thoughts, words and actions.  So in effect, they are part of the problem instead of the solution to the worlds ills. 

Here's a gentle reminder to the world. 


Everyone as the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions, without interference, and to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas through any media, and regardless of frontiers.

The purest essence of people is the peace within and once people attain that state of being, they then come to enlightenment, because enlightenment springs from the well of peace within.

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