Monday, 3 August 2009


The Mother carries the child and they are one.

When a father leaves a child they feel deserted. Many turn to drugs as an escape without realising they're looking for happiness from outside of the self. When children turn to drugs early in childhood it is an unconscious escape from their pain; some are then hooked into other disorders and some end up in mental health who do not truly understand these children or how to heal them of what they hold inside.

Everyone can heal themselves, all they require is the light of hope that this is possible. All they require are the tools to empower themselves so that they can move beyond the medical profession that does not truly comprehend the mind, body and soul.

What does a father know about carrying a child inside him for nine months? What does he know about the birth process unless he is in tune with his own soul and his past life experiences of being a woman that has carried a child and given birth?

When a child leaves the womb sometimes the mother finds it hard to let go of the energy that has been inside her and this can create post natal depression. It is actually to do with soul loss, part of her soul fragments and goes with the child. When a mother does not breast feed this also impacts on what happens energetically after the child is born. When a mother breast feeds it gives the mother and child time to adapt to their changing environment of being apart physically. The mother continues to give to the child and the child gives their unconditional love in return. This tender love from the baby to the mother is essential for the good health of the mother and the baby in the first few months of life outside of the womb.

Modern medical methods do not truly appreciate the power of energy, the soul and its impact on the cosmos.

This Saturn in Virgo transit is about healing the triggers from childhood and its showing humanity what is required to be healed. The inner reality creates the outer reality the cosmos is not a one way street.

Does one require drugs for post natal depression like the USA government would like to give potentials prior to birth of the child?


What does the mother require?

Lots of TLC


Soul retrieval therapy if she encounters soul loss.

What does the child require if a father leaves?

Lots of different role models from the community that truly care about them.

In ancient days we lived in communities and parents were only the guardians of the soul that was born. Children had many people and role models that they could turn to in the community. They were embraced around the camp fire and could share and learn from the elders in the community. As such their view was much more panoramic and did not depend on the idols of two parents.

Let us intent that we will build these holistic eco-communities once more in time for 2012.

The future of the children depends upon it.


We look forward to the day when the medical team work hand in hand, side by side with the holistic energy team; instead of the medical profession trying to be all things to all people.


This is post 37 in 2009. 37 = The Number 37 is also the first number greater than unity that can be represented as both a Centered Hexagon and a Star.

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