Sunday, 23 August 2009


The youngest child that I taught reiki healing to was 11 years old. Some children as young as eight have also been attuned by their parents who are reiki master teachers. Children love Reiki healing. However, I do not recommend that children learn reiki unless their parents are already reiki practitioners.

My own son did his level one at age 14. The youngest child that I taught to sense and feel energy was 2 and a half, I taught him how to feel the energy of the plants and trees. He is now the most intelligent of the three boys and is totally at one with nature. When he was a toddler he used to say to me 'look I have the power in my hands" . I also taught the three boys how to purify and bless water before they drink it.

Most people are not aware that the ancient healing art of Reiki is mentioned in the bible.

Child healers walk in the way of the Lord.

A blessed child learning the Reiki principles that are the same as the Christ teachings.

Iraqi Children Healing Through Music

23 Iraqi children learning classical music come to Amman, Jordan, to practice for 2 weeks and perform a Concert for Peace on 16 August 2006.

God bless the children.....

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