Monday, 2 July 2012

Donations required to support the sharing.

Due to a lack of donations given to support the cost of sharing planetary information with you. There have been no more posts for now. I am posting this at the library, due to having no other internet access.

Due to the lack of support for the Christ Vision, the Love Union, has ceased to be for now.

When the Sons of Light come forward to aid me, as predicted in the Dead Sea Scrolls, we will be back.

Love beyond measure



  1. hello there I was wondering if you can delete the comments I made under user name (Sirius star) on your post here: sorry for the trouble I cannot find the delete button.

  2. Hi SIrius Star, unfortunately, I can't, once I was logged out I wasn't able to log in again. That's why this specific blog has not been updated since 2012.