Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Scientists can't deny what they see with their own eyes.....

The same thing happened in Israel when Lebanon was attacking Israel in 2006, many of the rockets landed in Israel without going off and many missed their targets. Divine intervention indeed!

Our testimony.

It was the Christ and his mother that led me to the Father. The LORD God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Also it was witnessed by other people; people have seen the Christ walking with me when we were helping others to become healers. One of the people that saw him walking with me was an unbeliever. A student that had left her home country to study in England to get away from her parents and religion. Then when she saw him with me it turned her beliefs on its head. She could not deny what she saw with her own eyes. There were also other witnesses that bear witness to her testimony. I did not know that the girl had walked away from religion etc until after she told us what she saw and shared her story of divine experience.

Everyone was blessed that day with the Holy Spirit.

Truly blessed...

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